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Peace & love,

"This site was developed as a fundraiser to help me stay in school and complete my Ph.D. studies in International Psychology with a concentration in Trauma Studies.   The Trauma Services concentration, within the International Psychology Ph.D. program, teaches students the skills and understanding necessary to assist individuals and organizations in developing prevention and preparedness training, designing sustainable support services in the aftermath of traumatic events, and facilitating culturally sensitive programs to address mental health issues related to traumatic experience in a variety of contexts.

This program enhances my abilities as a public policy consultant and researcher. Ultimately I would like to become one of the first responders in situations like Hurricane Sandy.  But I reached the maximum amount I can borrow for students loans. I plan to apply for fellowships and grants in the future.  My goal for this fundraiser is to raise $10,000 by November 30, 2012.  Would you assist me by donating or purchasing a piece of art for sale? "


      Lavon Nicole Pettis

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